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Alagen, Inc. was jointly founded and established 8 years ago by a group of highly experienced medicinal research scientists and senior managers in USA.

Since then, the company has been engaged in the research and development of medicines and dietary supplements related to human health.


In medicine, the company used its skin permeation technology to transform a large number of oral preparations into percutaneous gel patches to make more patient comfortable and drug effective.


In terms of dietary supplements, the company has developed a number of dietary supplements with excellent effects by using natural plant extracts and pharmaceutical preparation technology owned by the company.


Alagen® brand, NMN AntiageorTM, has been put on the market, and is highly praised by its users. NMN AntiageorTM is a daily supplement to boost cellular repair, optimize metabolism, increase energy production, activate longevity factor (NAD+), promote anti-aging and rejuvenate.

It is characterized by good stability in the body and easy absorption by the body. The people who have taken it all express that their sleep is improved, their energy is increased, their strength is increased, and their skin is improved and looks more glossy and elastic.

Product Functions

Aiding cellular repair
Activating longevity factor (NAD+)
Helping energy regeneration
Promoting anti-aging

Product Features

Vegetarian friendly
Preservative free
Stable in the body
Helping energy regeneration
Easy absorption by the body

Product Price

$350.00 per bottle
60 capsules
amount for a month